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I am still not finished building out EPIC 686's this year, but here is the latest a blue 686 wrapped in black silk and tipped in white. The reel seat is an anodized Lemke blue/gray down lock aluminum, the flor grade cork grip is a western style and all hardware is titanium or blued nickle. Another of Carl McNeil's amazing streamer rods heading out.

Here I have a finished custom painted Seele 6'9" 3wt 3pc build for sale. The blank is the same as Seele but painted and clear coated in a spring green. I wrapped the rod is granger green silk, trimmed in lemon yellow then tipped in black, all color preserved. The grip/seat is very comfortable and the hardware is Lemke down lock pocket cap and slip ring. All hardware is blued nickle with a Recoil stripping guide. Seele price is $685, I am asking $550 shipped for the rod, rod bag and tube as shown. If interested please contact me and I will get it shipped out right away. Sorry for the rain in the photos, but it happens.

I finished wrapping one of the Signature S glass 8'6" 6wt models. The rod is wrapped in burgundy silk and tipped in gold.

I am finishing more new glass. These rods are built on the Graywolf Classic Glass blanks. I think these rods are between a Morgan and a Steffen in both appearance and feel. The first to be finished are both 8ft 5wt models wrapped in green and tipped in gold.