Saturday, October 3, 2015

New Signature S Glass 8ft 5wt - #457

After several months and lots of work the New Signature S glass blanks are done, and in stock. For several years the Signature S glass blanks where made by CTS I had always hoped to make these blanks in the USA, after the accusation of the newest uni directional s glass I started working with the worlds most well known rod maker/designer to bring these rods to life. The new models are lighter and more responsive than the original, the tapers have been tweaked for the conversion from tip over ferrules to now spigot ferrules. The actions have changed a little as well, these rods are now even more suited to several fishing styles, mid flex and still progressive but a bit more fluid.

Here are some photos of one of the first updated version to be finished. The 8ft 5wt 3pc model weighting in at just 3oz. The rod is wrapped in black silk and tipped in yellow and brown, all chrome and nickle hardware with a Fugi stripping guide.

I have the following models - 8ft 3wt, 8ft 4wt, and 8ft 5wt in three piece. The 8ft 6wt and 8ft 6in 6wt are in four piece. I will be making updates to the website over the next few weeks but you can order these rods at anytime.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Morgan Fiberglass 7'3" 3wt - #456

The request for Morgan builds has slowed a bit, with just a few in the shop to finish out I was very pleased to work on this 3wt, the quality of these blanks and the wonderful full flex makes me want to have more to build. I built this one with an amboyna wood insert, stainless steel reel seat hardware, I wrapped the rod in burgundy silk tipped red. Nice fun little rod.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Fiberglass Manifesto: Graywolf Rods - King Of The Epic 686

The Fiberglass Manifesto: Graywolf Rods - King Of The Epic 686: There is a lot of Graywolf Rods and Swift Fly Fishing talk around here and for good reason.  Shane Gray puts a lot of thought and talent ...