Saturday, March 28, 2015

Signature S-glass 804 Gift

A very nice email I received. Signature S-glass 8ft 4wt 3pc.

"Mr. Gray, An absolutely stunning gift arrived this morning. A long-time friend, Stephen Cary, sent me a Gray Wolf 8' 4wt Signature (Serial # 355) rod. I'm excited about using it as soon as possible. The feel and action (sans line) are extraordinary. Last month I was out on the desert where Silver Creek meanders outside the Conservancy. It's catch and release there, but nice water in the winter. I was casting an old Russ Peak 5wt I have and a guide came along with client. The three of us entered into a conversation about Russ Peak's glass rods. The guide asked me if I knew about the new technology with glass and specifically mentioned your rods. I was not familiar with them and said I would do a bit of research. I forgot to do so. Then, today, here comes this Signature Gray Wolf from Stephen. I was stunned and immediately rang up Stephen to not only thank him but to relate the story I mentioned above. I'm really looking forward to putting my Hardy St. George on it and getting on the water soon. Allen"

Friday, March 27, 2015

Yomogi 7033- #396

Here is one of a few Ijuin Yomogi builds I am completing over the next couple weeks. The one with a flor grade modified Powell style cork grip, amboyna wood insert with up lock slide band hardware, all blued guides and wrapped in light olive, tipped red.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yomogi 7033 Wrapped

Here I have a Yomogi 7ft 3wt I finished wrapping. Light olive main wraps, with dark olive tipping, and orange trim barred in dark olive at the signature area and female ferrules. All is very subtle but will look very nice when I am finished varnishing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Swift EPIC 686 Olive - #395

The last Swift Epic olive in the bunch I had been working on, of coarse I have more to finish in the near future. Double agate stripping guides and a hook keeper on this build, along with dark olive wraps tipped black, then black and yellow at cork check and ferrules. Lots of green's in this build.

Monday, March 23, 2015

EPIC 686 - Sig Grade - #394

I took a few photos of another finished SWIFT EPIC 686 this morning. This is a signature grade build with chrome snake guides, mildrum stripping guide, flor grade modified full wells grip and olive wraps tipped silver at cork check and ferrules. I added a winding check I turned from the same buckeye burl I used for the reel seat.